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Our History

The Mel-O-Dee Restaurant was purchased by Virgil and Sarah Childers in May 1965 from Bob Peebles. Although the name had been chosen, the landmark sign erected and the menus printed, the new restaurant had not yet opened for business. With no restaurant experience, the Childers placed their faith in Sarah's sister, Nina Hart, who was managing other restaurants at the time.

Nina sadly passed away in 1970, and Sarah and Virgil sold the restaurant to their three children Leon, Linda and Woody in 1974. The Mel-O-Dee has been owned and operated by the Childers family since we opened our doors for business. Currently the restaurant employs both 3rd and 4th generation Childers, with the youngest generation (Mark, Zach and Cody) either managing or working at the restaurant. We would be remiss if we didn't mention Charlotte Farley (manager) and Phil Roth (chef), as well as retired manager Charleen "Kup" Cornett and first Chef Jimmy Martin as an integral part of our success. Thank you to all the wonderful employees who over the years have gave their heart and soul to the Mel-O-Dee Legend.

Our Food will put a Mel-O-Dee in your Heart.